Composite Bonding in Colindale

What is teeth bonding in Colindale?

Teeth bonding or dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment which can be used to update the look of your teeth quickly and painlessly.

Patients throughout Colindale, Mill Hill, Edgware, Kingsbury Green and Highwood Hill are increasingly opting for dental bonding to have an instant smile makeover.

Teeth bonding uses a resin that is gently applied to your teeth. This special dental putty can be used to repair or cover up a range of dental problems including:

  • Filling in small gaps between teeth
  • Covering up cracks or chips in teeth
  • Smoothing out uneven surfaces on teeth
  • Making small teeth appear bigger
  • Disguising heavily stained teeth


Before And After Teeth bonding

Teeth bonding can help with the following cases

Uneven or wear and tear
Different tooth lengths
Discoloured teeth
Teeth anomalies

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The process for dental bonding at COCO Dental

At your first consultation our cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth and find out what it is that you would like to change or update with your smile.

If you decide to go ahead with teeth bonding, another appointment will be made to treat your teeth. Your dentist will select a tooth coloured resin that matches the colour of your own teeth. Your tooth will then be prepared by gently etching at the surface. A special conditioning liquid will be applied to your tooth which enables the resin to stick.

Your dentist will then gently mould the resin to your tooth. Once you and your dentist are happy with how the tooth looks, a laser will be used to seal the resin on to the tooth.

The last step in the process will see your dentist giving your teeth a polish. This will ensure that your smile has a clean and even finish!

Dental bonding usually takes about an hour to complete, but treatment for more than one tooth, will need more appointment times.

Benefits of Composite Bonding

Dental bonding is:

  • A fast treatment with most appointments taking about an hour to treat one tooth.
  • Painless. With teeth bonding you do not need a local anaesthetic, plus there is no need for injections.
  • An affordable and quick procedure to instantly update your smile and the look of your teeth
  • A cosmetic dental treatment that gives you instant results
  • An effective way to disguise or cover up many cosmetic dental problems that you may not like about your teeth

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Frequently Asked Questions about Composite Bonding

How long does teeth bonding last for?
Dental bonding treatments may fade or become chipped in the long term and so it will need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years.
Is dental bonding a safe treatment?
Yes. Dental bonding is completely safe. It does not need any of your natural tooth enamel to be removed and it does not affect the natural enamel of your teeth at all.
Can I whiten my teeth with dental bonding?
The bonding resin will not change in colour, so if you decide to have your teeth whitened, you could simply replace your teeth bonding to match your new shade of teeth.
Does teeth bonding look natural?

Yes. Teeth bonding is a popular treatment because the resin is carefully made and colour-matched to look the same as your teeth. Most people won’t realise that you have a bonded tooth unless you point it out to them!

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