General Dentistry in Colindale

Dental care for you and all the family

General dentistry and check-ups are the most common reason people come to see us. It’s an important part of our service to you. By keeping teeth, gums and mouth healthy, we can protect the long-term dental health of you and your family.

Check-up appointments usually follow the same routine. We will talk to you to find out if you’ve had any problems or issues with your teeth since your last appointment. Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums and mouth to check for any problems or changes. Typical things that your dentist will be checking for include – the number of teeth you have and how your teeth bite together, the condition and wear and tear on your teeth, signs of decay or discolouration as well as any signs of gum disease.

We practice a preventative approach to the care of your teeth; by taking good care of your teeth now we aim to minimise the need for any costly treatment at a later stage. You should aim to see your dentist every 6 to 12 months. Regular check-up appointments are vital so that your dentist can look after your oral health and treat any problems as soon as they arise.

General Dental Treatments Available at COCO Dental


If you have a cavity in your teeth or if one of your current fillings needs replacing, we can do this for you. We provide white fillings which are matched to the colour of your teeth. Fillings are important to restore the health of your teeth and protect the health of your surrounding teeth



If you have missing teeth, we can make bespoke dentures for you. Choose from complete dentures for all missing teeth, partial dentures for a few or several missing teeth or implant dentures which combines dentures with a dental implant for less slippage. We can also reline or fix broken dentures.


Root Canal

When the blood or nerve supply to the tooth becomes infected, it can become extremely painful. You may experience toothache, swelling of the gum, pus from the tooth or pain when biting. We remove the bacteria from the root canal system to prevent the infection from spreading.



Our team of hygienists focus on the health of your gums. They help to prevent and treat gum disease. Hygienists also give advice about oral hygiene, diet and lifestyle which all have an impact on your teeth and gums.



Dental emergencies are common and affect 1 in 4 people during their lifetime. They can include a persistent toothache, a lost crown or a chipped tooth. For a small fee, our dental surgery will guarantee that you see an emergency dentist on the same day that you call us.

Dental Examination

Regular check-ups allow us to keep an eye on your oral health and spot any problems early.


Dentures are false teeth which are attached to a plastic or nylon material which fits over the gums and is removable.


A hygienist will focus more on the gums and jawbone. These are important because they form the foundation for your teeth and can affect your entire oral health.

Emergency Care

A dental emergency can be classed as anything that causes you pain or trauma to the teeth, gums or mouth.

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