Dentures in Colindale

What are dentures in Colindale?

Dentures are false teeth which are attached to a plastic or nylon material which fits over the gums and is removable.

Dentures replace gaps or missing teeth so they can instantly improve your look and boost your self-confidence. Dentures also help to protect the health of any remaining teeth by preventing them from moving or tilting into a position which is uncomfortable, or which causes problems when eating or talking.

Dentures differ from dental implants because they are not permanent. Dentures will need care and attention and usually need to be replaced within a few years of being fitted.

Dentures can:

  • Replace gaps in your mouth or missing teeth
  • Improve the shape of your face and mouth
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • Protect the health of your remaining teeth

Types of dentures available in Edgware

The 3 types of dentures available at COCO Dental are:

  • Complete dentures this is a full set of new false teeth where all upper and lower teeth are replaced and sit on top of a plastic or acrylic base which sit over the gums
  • Partial dentures replace just 1 tooth or a few missing teeth. The replacement teeth are attached to a plastic or acrylic base which is worn over the gums
  • Implant based dentures combines dental implants with dentures. Dental implants are placed into the jawbones and this supports an acrylic base which looks like the gums. Natural looking teeth are attached to this base. Implant based dentures are much more stable than the other dentures and require less adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions about Dentures

How often should dentures be adjusted?

Dentures should be checked by your dentist every year. They should be remade and re-fitted when they begin to slip or feel loose in your mouth, this usually happens between 5 and 10 years.

Which denture should I go for? Complete, partial or implant based?

A lot will depend upon how many of your own teeth you have left and what condition they are in. If you have no teeth or if most of your teeth are failing, you will probably need to consider complete dentures, or the implant supported dentures which will give you a complete new set of false teeth.

Can I sleep in my dentures?

You can, but it is best to give your gums and your jawbone a rest at night and a chance to recover from the pressure of wearing the denture during the day. Dentures should be cleaned at night and stored in water overnight where possible.

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